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These are the terms and conditions of service betweenGuest Dining here after referred to as “the company” and the “client” defined as any person/s company/s or organizations for which “the company” undertakes to do/are doing any work or providing a service.

“Work” or “service” is defined as any catering / management / staffing / resourcing done by “the company” for “the client” in any given circumstances.


All quotes are provided free of charge with the exception of those quotations requiring significant outlay on our part where a nominal charge may be requested to cover our costs. Quotes can be given in writing, e-mail or post. All estimates/quotes exclude VAT unless otherwise stated. At Guest Dining we use our years of experience to ensure the quotes are as accurate as possible based on the information supplied, however “the Company” reserve the right to correct any mistakes on the quote in writing as soon as it comes to our attention. A quote is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. All quotes are subject to these “terms and conditions” unless otherwise agreed in writing.


The contract will exist to provide services as laid out in our quotation on a specified date & time upon agreement by the client in writing by post, email or telephone.

Payment Terms

A deposit of 10% of quotation will be paid to Guest Dining within 2 weeks of the contractual agreement.

Full payment of outstanding money will be paid immediately on completion of the contract – i.e within 2 days of the event finishing.


Guest Dining may cancel the contract at any time up to 2 months prior to the event in the contract & return promptly & in full any deposit monies taken. Clients may cancel the contract up to 2 months prior to the contracted event & receive a full refund of deposit monies unless expenses have been incurred that are not food or wage costs, thereby being unique to the contracted event.

Within 2 months of the contracted event Guest Dining may not cancel the contract. The client may cancel the contract within this time frame although forfeiting their deposit in full, however a cancellation within 14 days of the event will incur a charge of 50% of the full contracted price, if the event is cancelled within 7 days of the event the client will incur a charge at the full contracted price.

Client Responsibilities

The client is responsible for providing the following at the event:-

  • Heating, power and water, unless agreed prior to the event otherwise a charge will be incurred.
  • Waste disposal unless agreed prior to an event, otherwise disposal charges will be incurred.
  • Good access and parking facilities.
  • A clean safe environment for our staff and your guests.

Allergies & Dietry Requirements

We will endeavour to provide alternative menus for any dietary requirements notified within 5 days of an event. Any costs incurred for outsourcing to specialist caterers (e.g. Kosher/wheat free) will be chargeable. If we are notified of any allergies we will insure that these ingredients are not used in the food provided, however we cannot guarantee any dishes free from trace elements due to the nature of the kitchen.

Food Safety

The company follow strict health and safety guidelines. Chilled food can only be left out of refrigeration for a maximum of 4 hours. After this time the food will be deemed unsafe and consequently disposed of. ‘Hot food’ on a buffet can only be kept out (below 75 degrees) for a maximum of 2 hours and will then be deemed unsafe and disposed of. The Company cannot therefore allow food to be left at a venue for the client’s subsequent consumption.

The company accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any direct, special or consequential loss or other damages howsoever caused, or any liability arising from the provision of our Services except in the case of personal injury or death caused solely by our negligence.

In the event we are found liable, our liability shall be limited to the price which has been invoiced in respect of that particular event.